About LeLa Knitwear Inc.

lela_files/media/stripe_your_fancy_4746_crewneck_cepin.jpgLeLa Knitwear Inc. was founded in 1960 as a small family run knitting mill in Montreal, Canada, and has developed into a premier Canadian sweater and knitwear manufacturer.

In 2005 LeLa Knitwear Inc. acquired Cooper Knitting Mills. The Cooper collection is a mens aged 35+ sweater line using imported wool blend yarns from Italy.

In 2007 LeLa Knitwear Inc. acquired Prosperity Knitwear and started to develop the Tosani mens collection using high quality imported cotton yarns.

Excelsior ladies collection knitwear is dedicated to price-conscious consumers.

From designing, via prototypes, up to production, everything is completed in our factory based in Montreal. We specialize in flexible production and we are oriented toward small and medium series lots.

All our collections strive to deliver trendy high quality, comfortable, creative products in all sizes including Big & Tall.

Lela Knitwear uses only premium yarns, coupled with outstanding manufacturing details to create a distinctive and beautiful garment.

Our products are all made in Canada and we distribute world-wide.